09 May 2007

Before. . .
sweet face Jill

. . . after. Jeff cut his long lushes locks last week. i was pretty bummed b/c i wanted my family to see his curls. oh-well, i love this cut. it reminds me of our my favorite day ever, wedding day.
taylor's on the right, wrights on the left. sarah and jared blessed their sweet babe chloe on sunday. chloe behaved perfectly.

jill loves it outside. she started sitting up without help yesterday in the grass. i'll post a video once sarah teaches me how to edit better. jills is getting more kid-like and less baby-like everday. it's bittersweet to watch the changes. i miss my sweet baby, but oh man! i love jills cute personality. being a parent is the best.


the wrights said...

I love Jill's eyes. Could they get any bigger or more blue? As my friends say, "Jeff looks like a greek god!" Now he looks like a missionary boy.

the wrights said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I can't believe it has been 3 yrs! I am sure you are saying the same thing.