23 May 2007


jill wasn't feeling good on the way to Virgina. she threw up three times that day. it i s so hard to see your child sick. i hate it. despite her tummy-ache, she did great on the flight.
jill was so excited to meet the rest of the peterson family. i loved to see her look out the plane window.
we got to go to Washington D.C. jeff and i loved it!!! here we are getting off the metro. i loved riding the metro. i have never rode mass public transportation before. no joke, when we got off the metro and onto the sidewalk this is what we looked like. this way, no this way, no over here first. it was hilarious!! who can spot the tourist? :)
jill liked the metro too.

we got to go to the Natural History museum. it was amazing!! first time seeing dinosaurs, Hope diamond etc. we also got to visit the Holocaust museum. it was very touching, breathtaking, and overall unbelievable.
Washington memorial.
The White House. Other highlights: WWII memorial, Vietnam memorial, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln memorial, the beautiful greenery and trees. Washington D.C. was so great. I wish that we would've spent more time there. i was unprepared but happily surprised by the feelings i felt as i visited the memorials. it was solom, sacred, and patriotic. i can't wait to go back and spend more time.

jeff convinced my brothers and dad to go golfing while at Virginia beach. it was unforgettable for jeff. HOLE-IN-ONE!!! he's pointing to where the ball fell and then rolled into the hole. he was so excited, he had my dad take a picture of it on his phone and sent the news out via email. Great job Jeff!!!
once we arrived at the beach house it was meet and greet time for all the babies!! jill, caroline, sam, and olivia. the beach house was huge! 10 bedroom, 9 bath, 3 decks, pool, v-ball, horseshoes, 2 kitchens, lots of space and lots of petersons!! so fun.

the day after we got to Virginia beach we got so sand time. the ocean was cold and it was windy, but we had so much fun.
you've got to blow this up and look at the faces. great picture nettie!!
the boys found 4 other guys to play ball with. everyone was sore the rest of the vacation. time to start working out guys!!

we had family dinner each night at the loooonnnnnggg table.
the last two days at the beach were rainy so we had to find other fun. heres a big white turtle at the aquarium.
amy got caught by a great white. i didn't want to lose my sister though so i went into survival mode.

sarah made the cutiest shirts and headbands for the babes born in 2006. thanks sarah!! the cousins are so cute.
they all have big blue eyes. i love it!!

my family at the beach.
my extended family at the beach. 22 in all!! from left to right: Brett, Sarah, Olivia, Jon, Kristen, Sam, Dad, Mom, Rachel, Valerie, Caroline, Seth, James, Eliza, Jeff T., Alisha, Jillian, Britta, Scott, Amy, Nettie, Jeff, Morgan.
the two who made it all happen in the beginning.


nettie said...

I love the pointing picture! That was so fun. I miss vacation! Home is good, but we had a great time!

Mom and Dad Pete said...

Jillian is so good natured.I loved our vacation--too bad the weather wasn't better.