23 April 2008


sick and pregnant don't mix! for the last 2.5 weeks i have had a killer cold. between blowing my nose, losing my voice, and coughing up a lung, i was trying to get ready for company (some of my family came down) and get ready for the new baby. needless to say jill was a little neglected and became bff's with the tv for a week or so. oh, and my blogging went down the tubes. here's a few clips i did manage to get while i was sickly:

Untitled from Alisha on Vimeo.

Untitled from Alisha on Vimeo.


Cait and Ben said...

I'm sorry you still don't feel well - but I sure did get a kick out of that first video! She is a good little clogger!

AHEM said...

so...you watch river dance now, huh?

i love her style n the second one. diaper, crazy ponytail, shades, shoes, and a belly. she has it all covered. or not.

mr and mrs carlson said...

jill's such a camera ham! ha ha ditto on the diaper shots. she looks hilarious (in a good way, of course!)

i hope you get feeling better. being sick is no fun at all.

Poppa & Grandma Netty said...

Well, I'm not so sure how she decided which baby was going to make it into the stroller at the end ....we'll have to watch her closely when she becomes a mom.
I laughed my head off watching her in both videos. Dancing, of course, is one of her strong suits...but trying to figure out why both babies don't fit in the stroller anymore is funny.