04 April 2008

What do you want to hear first?

a few days ago as i was watering my flower sprouts that are up against the house i noticed that they were looking sad. on closer inspection i saw that each of them had a few bite marks and were missing some of their leaves. i'd be pretty sad too if i were being bitten all night. by the next morning every single last flower sprout was GONE!!! last night jeff went out there and saw two crickets in the area. i am sooooooo sad! what now? do you think some of my seeds might still sprout? can crickets dig and eat seeds too, or are they only scavengers of cute little flower sprouts? today i closely inspected my other flower sprouts and my veggie garden. no stupid bug has got to them yet. i have my fingers crossed.

less than two months to go to meet our new little girl. the last few days i've been touching my belly with jill and saying "come out sister". (stole it from hayley). jill doesn't really act like she knows what i'm saying though. lately at night i've had a bit of anxiety while i try and sleep. it's hard enough to sleep while big and uncomfortable but i feel like there is so much to do before she gets here. never the less i am getting soooooo excited. i can't wait to give birth (is that weird?). every time i have a contraction i get really pumped up for the whole experience. i don't think my belly has grown since the last pic but maybe i'll get around to documenting it with a photo some time. let the count down begin. 7.5 weeks to go...


Vickie said...

Your tummy never gets bigger, face it. My little sister is the same way, and it makes her mad. She loves being pregnant and wants more baby belly to show off! As for me, I'll be as bigger than you at 7 months when I hit three months.
I've heard that some plants repel bugs. Like if you plant some marigolds around the edge of your garden, it'll keep some of the bugs out because they hate the smell. I hope your poor little plants survive the invasion!

Natalie said...

Too weird. Hopefully, they come back.

I can't believe you've got 7.5 weeks to go! When are you going to start looking more pregnant and less like you just had a big dinner?

No, really, you're the cutest pregnant lady I know!

Kristen P. said...

Ummm...yes, you are crazy because I've actually been feeling anxiety over THE END!!! And it's all because I already know what really happens.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I was excited about giving birth too! In fact, I really don't like the whole getting big, waiting forever for the baby to come stuff that comes with pregnancy, but I actually kind of enjoy the whole delivery thing- kind of a woman power experience in my book! Something amazing I get to do to bring that little person into the world! Good luck with it all- you are a very cute pregnant lady!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the experience as well! I'm glad I was able to labor at least once; unfortunately I am in a situation now that I will have to have a c-section from here on out... kind of ruins the element of surprise and the woman power part of it as an earlier post said. But, it's still rewarding to know that we are able to bring a new life into the world. Isn't it so amazing? I LOVED being pregnant, I can't wait to do it again.
I'm so excited for you!!!

Katie J. Layton said...

I'm sorry your crop is not working out as you would hope. Hopefully you will be able to harvest some of it.

Thanks for writing about your pregnancy. I had hadn't heard anything for awhile. I'm happy everything is going great and that Jillian will have a little sister soon.

Tilleea said...

So, I'm a little slow to check the blog, but I am so excited for you to have your baby! If my calculations are correct, less than 6 weeks!

I don't think it's wierd at all that you are excited to give birth. It's kinda like a hard workout/long run(but way better of course). The adrenaline is similar.

I love baby/delivery stories, so be sure to post the WHOLE story!