07 September 2008

cabin fever

i've been dying to go to the CABIN and Fossil Creek. we packed up the path and headed up.
the weather was perfect, the pines were tall, and the wild flowers were many. jillian had the time of her life and cam did well too. Fossil Creek was as beautiful as ever to snorkel and now has one less fish (thanks to stan and the spear gun). jeff and i broke in my new bike and ventured to the rim of the mountain. the front porch swing is our fav spot.
can't wait to go back...(may-be i'll remember to take more pics).


Erin said...

I'm jelouse!! That sounds so nice!!

Stanley said...

that fish was coming right for me, i had no choice

nettie said...

it looks refreshing! Have fun in TX, we are so sad that we will miss you guys. We'll have to plan better next time, so jeff can take time off work.

p.s. jill's hair is getting so long, and i love how it sticks straight out of her pig-tails.

Cait and Ben said...

OOooohhh I can just see myself swinging next to Jillian and talking gibberish about something she's trying to tell me. Wish we could have been there!

Natalie said...

It sounds nice! I'm realizing, some of the best trips are the ones with the least amount of pictures.