21 September 2008

Texas fun

san angelo has the coolest public park i've ever seen.
this is the family posing by one of the BIG texas trees at the park.

jeff went mountain-biking at the state park in san angleo.
he only fell once.

the wildlife in san angelo is abundant.
do you know these are there?
san angelo has a big 'ol river called the Concho.
ducks are all around it and jill loved feeding them.
however, jill and i got attacked by some aggressive geese.
we both got bit by them.
i hate birds. always have, always will.

this ranch is right by the church building.

we had to go see the goats, horse, llama etc.

this is my dream house/land.

part of jeff's high school reunion was to attend a
CENTRAL BOBCAT football game.
we had a great time and jill loved the mascot.

the reunion consisted of a round of golf, family picnic and dinner/dancing on saturday night.

it was a blast!

here's some of our texas favorite friends.

chelsea (jeff's hs gf and who also caught the bouquet at our wedding) and ryan (her hubby).

this is our hostess ashley (colin's gf)
and host colin (jeff's best "let's get into mischief friend"),
cory (jeff s. wife that is also an ER nurse)
and jeff stewart (a football buddy and local celebrity).

jeff got his hands on a tambourine somehow.

you know you're really having a good time if your
eyes are closed and your singing to the music.

on the way out-of-town we hit up a legendary texas BBQ joint Coopers.

hopefully the next time we go to texas it will be to stay.


Jonathon P said...

Whoa, is Jeff doing a back flip?? . . . oh, he's on his back. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Scott said...

Love that pic of Jeff. Nice bike, btw. Sounds like you really loved TX, eh? Is there really an ambition to mover there sometime in the future, or did you just really enjoy it there?
Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "The Birds?" It's a joke. Not scary at all.

AHEM said...

I hate birds too. I want to go dancing with you. It is hilarious that Jeff has a freaking tambourine! LOL.

Taylor Tree said...

scott, not an ambition. i really would like to live there. part of it is b/c everytime i've been there i've been on vacation...and it's awesome in tx.
isn't that movie rated R? but yes i've seen it and i hated birds before and after i watched it. they are smelly, poop all over the place in mid-air, have nasty feathers that fall out, the list can go on.
hales, see if i care. let's go dancing.

Cait and Ben said...

Is Colin's gf Ashley Gay? She looks familiar. Anyhoo it look like you had fun!! Jealous much?

Sassy Christian Momma said...

looks like way too much fun! Glad you posted on iT. I still need to update my blog. I'm starting to suck . Camille's skin looks good in the pictures!

Scott said...

No. Not rated R - not then, not ever. (but still a very silly classic horror movie)
USA:PG-13 (1984 re-release