08 November 2008

the girls

that sweet face in front has REFLUX.
what is up with that anyway?
she's always been the "happy spitter-upper" (all day long)
but now it's not so happy.
arching back while eating, non-stop hiccups,
screaming at night, coughing, and then throwing up.
the dr gave me the option to run all the tests etc.
i opted out choosing in-stead to try other techniques.
camille is back to her belly for nighttime and she's inclined.
one night down without any up-chucking.
wish us luck.
that sweet face in back has some good 2y stats:
head: 19 inches (85%)
height: 35 inches (86%)
weight: 30 lbs (88%)
the dr said "she's very well proportioned"
that's right she is.


Lewieville said...

see I knew I wasn't a bad mom for sleeping my kids on their tummies! I am so happy someone else is doing it, too bad you HAVE to. Poor baby hopefully it all works out (or stays in!)

Poppa and Grandma Netty said...

and......she is the BEST sommersaulter in her entire class! What about those stats? Right? Those are the most darling faces. Thanks for being such a good mom.

Cait and Ben said...

And she has some dang good cleavage. She must get that from jeff.

Katie J. Layton said...

That is so sad about the reflux. NO fun. That is a cute picture of both of your girls together.

sherri said...

You know, I never ever heard of reflux in babies--maybe I'm just not social--but I always laid my babies on their bellies.You'll get thru this great. You are such a good mommie and the pic is very cute! I love it when Jill calls.