03 November 2008

Halloween Week

Monday: Crane family party.
i was out catching bugs (more specifically ladybugs)

millers could only stand that costume for so long

jill got a new bff (the pumpkin has a cute little panted face).

she is still (yes, even today) carrying it around and treating it like a baby.

tues: carving party and pizza with the fryer fam

wed: roasting fresh seeds
jills new fav snack

thurs: ward trunk-or-treat
jeff and a few of his best buds
todd: paul bunion
jeff: nasty mexian wrestler
jordan: joker (the best of the night)

jill could be caught all week with a sucker in her mouth.
i caught a snarl toward the greasy man trying to get a picture with her

Halloween: Schnepfs Farm
Gma netty meet us for fun at this country gem by my house.

my little Tabby cat

jill had a blast on the carousal,

at the pig races,

at the petting zoo,

and on the pony rides.

on a side note:
Halloween day is also Nevada Day
here's to my home state, home of my alma mater,
and having Halloween day off of school growing up.


nettie said...

wow, busy week! cute kids and costumes. (i would take free costumes any day!)

Emily said...

Nice post! LOVE the lady bug costumes! They are so cute. And here's to Halloween Day off! I also love the wolf pic up at UNR. You are one busy lady!

LaTonya said...

Sounds like a fun and busy Halloween week! The girls both look adorable in the costumes!

4 cute chicks said...

Cutest lil lady bugs...EVER!!

sherri said...

Wow!Super cute-cute!Busy, busy--but that's what makes life enjoyable and memorable.

FRYER FAM said...

looks like you had fun at Schnepf. i for sure want to go next year. i love the cat costume too. we had fun carving pumpkins. i hope you plan on that every year because its one of our traditions & you're our family here.