01 January 2009

cabin for christmas

a good dose of the cabin, snow, family, and a really good
suprise (my mom and dad) made for a wonderful christmas.
jeff's hat and coat are his grandfathers' who past while jeff was on his mission.
grandpa dayton built the cabin and he is always remembered while we are there.

the taylor clan.
5 days cooped up in a cabin couldn't be better.

christmas eve nativity reading/singing.

the christmas story, jillian style.
more to come as i steal more pictures from others.
my camera hasn't been replaced yet...


One BIG HAPPY Family said...

Brrr...to the snow! But I am glad that someone around here enjoys the cold weather. :) The pictures of Jill are so cute. Especially her face during the whole family picture. What's up with that?

Let's get together and do lunch or something. I miss you at Bunco and I miss your electric and magnifying personality. Please consider it - look at your calendar and then get back to me.

Britta said...

Sneaky, sneaky. Now where did you get pictures that LOOK like your family, but were really taken June 17, 2005?

Cute pictures. Good luck getting a camera! What a bummer that yours broke.

the wife said...

ha!! i didn't even notice the date. really these were taken over christmas. it was sarah w. camera. i'll have to ask her why the date is jacked up.