11 May 2009


to all you momma's. yeah, you know who you are. yeah, you know what it's like...sleepless nights, endless giggles,no hubby time,etc. so worth it. happy mother's day. even though i'm at work today i was happy knowing that i have my two sweet daughters to see when i get home.
special shout out to my own madre and jeanette. man (more appropriately stated, woman) i love you guys.


Cait and Ben said...

We should be making this shout out to YOU. And yes i will see if you care!

Can't wait to see you kiss kiss.

Stanley said...

Id also like to throw a shout out to all those mothers, you know who you are! Also would like to holla at the future mother of my children, you know who you are too, would you please make yourself known to me? holla back!

eric and monica said...

way to go, alisha. happy mother's day to you, too.