21 May 2009

no more...

expensive formula, back-facing seats, baby food, shots every three months, poopie diapers.

i guess i'll still have the poop, but this sweet face:

is ONE today.

i'm excited to see your face in my rear-view mirror,

and give you regular milk and food,

i can't wait to see how this sweet body will grow and learn in the coming year.
Happy Birthday Camille.


LaTonya said...

Yay Happy Birthday pretty girl! Its kind of sad but so fun that our sweet little babies are 1 already!

Alyssa said...

Wow, I can't believe she's already 1!

Vickie said...

One already! Happy birthday, beautiful baby.

Scott said...

what a beautiful girl!

eric and monica said...

happy birthday camille! she is such a sweetie. your girls are lucky to have one another!