10 September 2009

back in the day

i had some friends.
a few of us thought we could ditch the kiddos
for two nights and be friends again.
only this time as mature, well-dressed adults.

across the amazing Hoover dam
which is soon to be Hoover bridge, and into Big-horned Sheep territory.
(check out that big 'ol alpha male behind the tree)
we had a great time in vegas.
the three of us.
lounging by the pool,eating at cool restaurants, and even meeting up with the class pres.
friends from back in the day are the coolest of friends.

(events took place in july)


Matt and Liz said...

looks like fun. love the pic from back in the day

JRC said...

I LOVE that this is Hayley's third baby on the way and she still has a smoking body...enough so to wear a bikini when in her 3rd trimester. I love it!

the wife said...

yo JRC. thanks for the comment. i totally agree with you but, who are you?

eric and monica said...

um, that picture circa 1998 has got to go, dude.

hays said...

if the belly stays then circa stays too.

sorry monica.

Sassy Christian Momma said...

would have been fun! I do live right here ya know!:(