18 September 2009

when will i see you again?

i miss my peeps a lot.
these are the ones i am most comfortable around.
these are the ones who love me no matter.
these are the ones i wish lived closer.
these are the ones i look up to.
these are the ones i love.

we had a wonderful time re-connecting
in the mountains of colorado.

the quaint town of breckenridge hosted us all for a week.

surrounded by trees and mountains i found my inner peterson.

late-night talks, yoga classes, and alpine slides are
among the best memories from the week.

of-course all of the cousins had a
glorious time with one another...

even if they were unsure at times.

Cousins '09 from Sarisker on Vimeo.

i sure miss my peterson family.


the wife said...

btw, video and picture cluster by sarah pete.
(giving props when needed.)

Cait and Ben said...

when i first saw the title of your blog i thought for sure there was going to be a big picture of us. miss you too!!! love ya

Sassy Christian Momma said...

petersons are stinkin cool!

nettie said...

oh man, you got some good pics...i regret that my camera hardly came out the whole week.