20 October 2009

lovin' this

sweet jill is three today.

i am LOVING this age!

she's adventurous.
she's funny.
she's not scared of much.
she'll try to be friends with anything

(snails, butterflies, bees, rocks, people, etc.).

best of all, she's a perfect friend for this un-perfect mother.
i love my jillian.


nettie said...

happy birthday jill. i love the first pic, so cute.

Vickie said...

Three year olds are so much fun. Enjoy the journey! She is so cute and so into life, I know you'll just have a blast.
Happy Birthday, Jillian!

eric and monica said...

way cute, alisha. happy birthday, jill! i bet she's lots of fun.

jnnut said...

Time sure flies! she's such a pretty girl! She takes after you for sure!-jennifer (Kristen's SIL)

Sarah Peterson said...

Happy Birthday Jill!! What a cutie!