13 November 2009

a long time ago...

(actually  about a month ago)
in a land far, far away
(really, it was just right here in my humble home in humble queen creek in blazing hot arizona)
queen jillian wanted to celebrate her birthday.
(and since she gets what ever she wants, i thought "okay")

queen jillian invited her royal friends over to recieve the royal treatment.
the princesses got new jewelry
(cheap tiaras and clip-on earrings),
and even got to assesmble their own necklaces out of rare, precious diamonds.
(they made candy necklaces)
the servants then came to pamper the princesses.
(okay, so the servants were the parents and other adults i forced into helping me.)
they all got their fingernails and toenails painted and make-up was applied.

even with all the royal treatment, the princesses were NOT impressesed.
(the girls actually were loving everything, but i had to post this straight-faced picture)
they wanted some action.

in an attempt to liven up the party,
queen jillian brought out the surprise performers...
it was the black-eyed-peas!
(i just played a few of their lastest killer jams from my i-tunes)

after the dance party the princesses needed some refreshment.
so to the royal table they went.
but only princess with tiaras could sit at the royal table.
 the littlest princess-in-training was seated on the floor.
(i actually only have four seats and camille was happy as long as she was close by)

after the food was devoured the party moved outside and queen jill
became the envy of all the land with her new toys.

the royal party was a success!
balloons were launched,
queen jill was attached to her new dora doll,

and they lived happily ever after.


Scott said...

That looks like it was a great party! Way to go, Alisha, and Happy Birthday to Jillian!

nettie said...

what a fun party. happy birthday to jill.

Caitlin said...

AHHHHHhahaha I love camille's face sitting on the floor, accepting her treatment from the queen. very cute pics and sweet faces. I hope the Queen had a great day!

Valerie said...

You are such a cute mom, Alisha! Glad that Jill had a great party!

Britta said...

Lucky girls! Jill's queen dress is awesome.

jnnut said...

That is the best princess story ever told! hehehe. Hm..could I do that w/a Prince? I can't imagine what kind of royal things we'd do. It seems it would be pretty crazy...I see weapons/jousting/bow & arrows....YIKES. nevermind. The Princess party idea is MUCH better...(Jennifer, Kristen's sister in law)

jnnut said...


eric and monica said...

happy birthday jill... wish we were there!