29 May 2010

party essentials:

1. prep the food
2. make sure the food is good to the taste

3. party games, such as, pin the tail on the giraffe

4.pinata breaking swings

5. candles and the birthday song
6. party tricks, such as, touching your nose
with your extra long tongue

7. gracious gift opening
8. balloon launch

9. family picture


Scott said...

Wow! camille is looking really big! What a great party!

Britta said...

Ha Ha! I love it! What a fun party and what a pretty girl.

I also love that after commenting on Nettie's blog, you give evidence that you ARE a naked kind of family! Ha Ha. I love the apron only in the kitchen scenes.

eric and monica said...

Happy Birthday Camille! Loved the apron underwear combo...
Alisha! Your hair looks so pretty!

Janae said...

Looks like it was fun!

Matt and Liz said...

happy birthday camille! hey we should get together again soon.

Sarah Peterson said...

cute! Camille is darling. Looks like she had a fun birthday