06 January 2011

2010 wrap-up

christmas each year is more and more fun.
as the girls are growing and learning i can't
help but share their joy of the season.
we focused a great deal on the birth of the savior.
camille has since named all her babies and dogs "baby jesus".
jill has contined to drawn the nativity scene, complete with the star.
i love this little family jeff and i have created.
their favorite new song though is "jinger bearrs"

the year ended with a bang, literally.
jeff contracted with a couple large firework companies
and had three tents selling fireworks for the new year.
big shout-out to jeff's family.
each of them helped tremendously and he couldn't
have succeeded without you.
this is the first year in over 55 years (perhaps longer) that arizona
has allowed any type of fireworks.
the girls had a blast with the sparklers and jill even managed to
burn a hole in her new sweater.

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