08 January 2011

the shoe tree

have you ever seen this:

i have.
it's called the shoe tree.
my first recollection of this tree is as a junior high student.
driving along route 50, "the Loneliest Highway",
to and from different sporting or church events.
it was always a fun sighting during a long drive.
the tree is a large cottonwood, the only sizable tree for miles around, and there are shoes all the way to the top.
a few shoes have even begun to stray into a nearby smaller tree.
Local legend says that a young couple had an argument on their wedding night and the bride, in a rage threw one of her shoes into the tree.
somehow, this started it all.

now, it's over.
someone cut it down.
i feel sad.
i may just throw a pair of shoes on the next tree i see
in memory of the shoe tree.


JRC said...

Seriously?? Serves me right I guess for waiting too long to show my husband the tree. I guess I'll have to show him your picture instead. That's totally lame!

Jon said...

I can't believe it!! How Sad.

sherri said...

That's tragic! How sad!