22 February 2011

new things in 2011

jillian has graduated sunbeams and entered the CTR classes.
she received her ring and has to wear it every sunday.
she even gave the first talk of the year in primary and didn't cry.
(a huge deal for the one who still cry's as she enters the
primary room)
hears to choosing the right and 10:00 church!
(in the 5 yrs we've lived here church has been held at two times: 8:00am ((lame)) and 2:40pm ((lamer))).
jillian also starting going to a co-op
Joy School with a few kids from the ward.
we swap weeks teaching and we are LOVING it!
look at the pure excitement on the first day of school:
Camille didn't deal too well watching Jill go to school without her.
After a few weeks I caved; Camille got her way.
Camille also started Joy School and is doing very well.

2011 has brought with it a new love of make-up for Camille.
These are just two of the many times I have found a mess of make-up on the floor
and a very decorated camillian face.

At-least she does a pretty well job matching what she wearing.

I started teaching Zumba at the YMCA in Jan.
Since then I have had two other opportunities to
teach at other gyms but had to turn them down because I
am still picking up hours at the hospital.
I'm hoping to get a couple exercise-related certifications
in 2011.

Jeff has been working from home and each month is
more successful than the last.
Hopefully 2011 will bring continued success on the 
self-employment front. 

Speaking of me and Jeff,
our Valentine's Celebration was great.
On Saturday night I took him to a nice
Japanese restaurant (he loves sushi).
After, I finished the BEST teryaki chicken of my life
we heading to the local skating rink.

we had a blast once the DJ starting playing some
old-school top 40's that jeff and i knew.
Gotta' love it.

2011...it's going to be good.


nettie said...

i would love 8am church, I hate church after 2, it's terrible.

Britta said...

10 am is perfect. Lucky.

I love the Camille make-up photos! Grace wants to put on make-up every single time I am. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when she realizes I'm just pretending to put it on her.

Hayley said...

tears in my eyes! i'm going to miss you guys a ton!

btw. nice shirt! tell me where you got it please so i can have one to match???

Stanley said...

Holy cow, that second picture of camille looks I.D.E.N.T.I.C.A.L. to miranda on youtube. Mirandasings08....look her up. Caitlin and sarah know what im talking about. Holla!

Stanley said...

for your viewing pleasure...

Cait and Ben said...

Hey guys!! It's Miranda!!

Camille can sing better than her boo ya. I love Jill's face for school. Wow I hope she continues to love it! I'm so happy she is loving primary more. It was pricless the other day when they both introduced me to "Ya-Ya". Haha.