29 March 2011

focus on the positive

camille is impassive.
jillian is spastic and has a weed coming out of her head.
i have a triple chin, gummy smile, and nose issues.
if you look closely, the piano has a few minor cosmetic problems. 
at-least jeff looks super handsome,
and dang, i think my hair has never looked better.
gotta LOVE family picture sessions.
kill me now.


Caitlin said...

And for all those reasons...you guys look fun and gorgeous! Don't even get me started on picking out mine too. I missed it when Camille was opening her eye. Can't wait to see more. And yes your hair looks amazing. I think your teeth look super white too.

Britta said...

Ha ha ha hahahahaha! This is awesome. I love it.

Scott said...

rofl! I love it, too.

Hayley said...

your guys look awesome! love your look.

Mirabel & Therin's mom said...

I think you look great! Please triple chin... you realize you need that "extra" skin to move your neck around right!? Beautiful! Girls look cute too - these kind of pictures are the best; better than ones that are too scripted looking.

erin said...

I love the picture!! You have such a beautiful family!!

Natalie said...

What are you talking about? This pic is PERFECTION! Love it!