18 April 2011

With the temperature on the rise

the girls and I have become reacquainted with our swimsuits and the water.

But before we hit any crazy heat records
(as always seems to happen around here),
let's reminisce about my 'snow fix'. 

A few months back the news was predicting a late season big
snow storm for the Arizona high country. I knew we had to go.
We booked a quaint cabin style hotel in Flagstaff,
that was nestled among the Ponderosa Pines. 

The girls couldn't wait (including me) to "go snowin' " as Jill and Camille call it.

As we arrived tears arrived too as there was no snow in sight.
Jill and Camille were confused as they had to wait even longer to
go snowin'. I prayed that night for the snow storm to arrive
as I didn't want to devastate the girls.

We awoke to a winter wonderland.
First on the agenda: hot coco.

Then, finally, at-last, it was snowin' time.

After a few hours of pure white bliss and perma-grins we had to
force the children into the room to thaw out.
The snow was coming down thicker and the roads were getting dangerous.
We decided to descend (slowly, albeit) back into the valley of the sun.
Until next year and my yearly allowance of snow, my snow fix.


eric said...

are your girls really that big!!! they look huge. and i miss your face. :(

Scott said...

what a great story - I am jealous. Looks like it was a great trip.

Sarah Peterson said...

oh I wish we only "visited" snow. Although I am not jealous of the heat in the summer. ;) You guys are all so beautiful. Enjoy your spring!!

Cait and Ben said...

I love that in AZ we can go up a few hours and be in competely different weather. I hope I'll be able to join you 3 ladies in my 2 piecer with my belly soon. Oh ya I said it.

Poppa and Grandma Netty said...

o my....we will have to visit this blog in a couple of months to just clear our minds of the blazing heat. But for now.....I just loved seeing you guys enjoying yourselves in the AZ mountains. Week of July 4th anyone? Girls trip to the cabin? i've got my schedule cleared.....and I will go with or without anyone else?!

Britta said...

I loved you in the hot chocolate picture! You crack me up, Alisha.

My heart ached with the swimming picture. I can't believe you can already hang out by the pool! I am anxiously waiting for warmer weather... This cold, wet spring has lasted FOREVER!

Tilleea said...

good idea! I am so glad you got some snow.