17 November 2011

it's offical

we are moving.
Jeff is a Texas boy. born and raised there and the pride hasn't faded.
i knew from the time we were dating that moving back to texas was in
his life plan.
so, come Dec 1st, we'll be headed there.

here to be exact.

we are moving to Austin, the capital.

i'm sad to leave az, i've grown to really love it here.
but i'm excited for a change and new adventures and experiences.

hopefully, i'll get this blog up-dated from the last few months before we head out.


nettie said...

wow, good luck!

Britta said...

Wow! How exciting! I hope the move goes well. Take your time and don't strain yourself. I also hope you can find a good OBGYN after the move. It can't be fun to move in the middle of a pregnancy.

LaTonya said...

:( So sad. I am excited for you though just sad for me!

Vickie said...

Texas! Wow, most people are just moving to Chandler or Gilbert. Good luck, we'll miss you!

Karen K. said...

If I had to move to Texas that's the first place I'd consider. I hear it's a very nice, temperate area.
I have a friend (and also her parents) who have lived there for awhile now and seem to love it. Good luck!

Kristen P. said...

Umm...wow, I had no idea.