20 December 2011

Texas up-date

Blogging consistently hasn't been a priority for a very long time.
When I look back at older entries I get sad to see events that I've missed.
Seeing that I use this as my scrapbook and family journal,
I think I have a bit of catching up to do.  

I am 34 weeks pregnant.
Due date is January 31st.
I feel good in the mornings, tired in the afternoon, and grumpy in the evenings.
I'm addicted to eating Almond Kisses and Tums are strategically placed throughout the home.
I wonder if I wouldn't need so many Tums if I didn't consume all the Kisses.
Oh, well.

We moved to Texas on Dec 1st.
The first question I usually get is, "Are you all unpacked?"
This is comical. I have what I need unpacked. If I need something else
I venture to the disaster zone (aka the garage) to find it,
many times to re-enter to the home without the object that I searched for
but with some other thing that is useful.
Top priority was the tree.
Totally useful and important.

Back to the move:
We made the 16 hour drive in two days.
Stan graciously drove me and the girls and Jeff drove the big truck.
It was quite obvious once we entered Texas.
This is what came out of the waffle maker at the hotel our
first night in TX.
I don't recall ever seeing a waffle shaped Arizona or Utah.
This is another common site in Texas.
BBQ spots that look like barns.
The home we are renting is much older and bigger than we are use to.
Here she is on a foggy, drizzly, Austin morning.

The inside can use a lot of work (that will never happen),
but the outside is a dream.
We are on half an acre and have over 20 mature trees in the backyard.
This is just a glimpse. We see a lot of birds and squirrels each morning.
We also spot deer almost daily driving around the neighborhood.
This is the view on the route to church:
This was my view at our first church service:
Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and genuine to our family.
I feel like I have already made friendships that will only continue to grow.
The girls got to see Santa at our new wards party.

We've been to the Blue Bell factory in Brenham, TX.
I really loved the scenic drive to this little town.

Downtown Austin is very pretty with popular bridges and routes along the rivers for bikers and runners.
The town even places coolers along the routes with water daily for all the active people.

The weather has been very rainy since we've arrived and with Jill not going to
preschool for Dec she has been getting a bit of cabin fever.
We had to ventured out and find the local library.
They hold events for children multiple times a week.
We've decorated ginger bread men and attended a puppet show.
I do miss things about Arizona,
specifically family.
But, I do think we'll be just fine out here on our own in the middle of Texas.


Kristen Duke Photography said...

what? I don't own a single pair of cowboy boots...who wore those to church?!? You have been downtown and Brenham? You've done all the tourist stuff in less than a month! Fun to see you have a blog, too;) Maybe I can get my back history on your fam after all....

Caitlin said...

I love the update. You look great! And your hair looks long and amazing. All the pictures make me miss you guys even more but it made me smile to see the little girls faces and how much they are enjoying this new adventure. I can't wait to visit! You're right you guys will be just fine. We on the other hand... :)

Hays said...

you look so great. can't believe little man will be here that soon! ah!

go get yourself some boots girl!

ps. girls call each other "girl" a lot her in AR. have you noticed that in texas?

Britta said...

Oh, I'm so happy for the update! Love the prego pic. That little bump is amazingly tiny and round. Glad to hear you got the tree up. Yes, totally useful and important.

Karen K. said...

I'm glad your move went well. Austin looks like a beautiful area to live. Your comment "I don't recall ever seeing a waffle shaped Arizona or Utah" totally made me laugh. I've never seen an Oregon waffle either. Well, maybe. Some of my waffles don't come out even and they MAY have looked like Oregon--but not intentionally. ;)

LaTonya said...

You are too cute with that little baby bump! Love all the pictures but miss you guys so very much!

Dave and Shelby Hale said...

Thanks for the update. You look great. I'm glad you guys have done so many fun activities already. I bet your kiddos are loving that big back yard! So fun. Hope you are taking it easy these last few weeks. We are so close!We miss you! Dave says swimming at the Y just isn't the same with out those girls of yours.

JESSE said...

Cute pictures!! My dad also lives in Austin,TX and works at AMD. I love all the texan references. My dad is constantly telling us about them, and I am so happy for you being preggo and having a boy!! So fun. I am going to put your blog on my blog friend list so I can keep up with you :)

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