04 March 2012

Feb 2012

Jillian lost her first tooth. She swallowed it while eating a banana. She wrote a note to the tooth fairy and was excited to find a wrinkled dollar bill under her pillow in the morning.
Jeff took the girls to their first "Daddy Daughter Valentines Day Dance".  They all got fancied up for the night out. It was a big hit.

We had a fun time getting ready for Valentines Day.
We made yummy treats,
put hearts in our hair,
went to a few parties with friends,
and spent all month getting to know our newest Valentine.

We had a few really warm days and couldn't resist the calling of the sun.
The question most oft asked of me is how am I feeling. Does this picture answer your question?
Mostly I feel like a zombie and look like one too.  Awesome. The other day I asked Jeff if he thought my outfit looked good. He innocently said, "Yeah, if you did your make-up and hair". Awesomer.

I got to attend a Regional Women's Conference and meet President Beck. I left the meeting spiritually feeling motivated.

As for this cowboy?
#3 has been my hardest adjustment.  It has been very difficult to get him to sleep and on a schedule. With 1 and 2 it was a breeze and happened quickly. 3 is a challenge in every respect. Jeff and I are out numbered. We went from doing one-on-one defense to a zone defense.  It seems to get easier each day though.
One major positive is that Jeff and the girls have become much closer because I've been at the babes beckon call. He even took them camping last weekend. (Hopefully, pictures to come).

Finally, this:
"Um, excuse me but something just happened in my pants."
Your caption?
Here's another:
Teacher: "Jeffrey Junior?"
Coco: "Uh, yeah. That's me. Over here."


nettie said...

#3 was my hardest too. I felt like I couldn't meet anyone's needs completely. Eventually everyone adjusts. I also think it was with ginger when I realized that I really have no control over my babies sleeping...sure I can create routines and such, but some things cannot be forced. I have just given up on a good nights sleep... Maybe when I'm 60. Good luck, ur a great mom and ur kids are cute.

Sarah Peterson said...

the girls look like they had a blast at the dance ;) So cute! I love the heart hair too. We will have to do that next year ;) As for Jeffy Jr. He is so cute! I love the last picture. And look at you- always beautiful- even the zombie look can't make you look bad! Hope your little man starts sleeping. Emma had a 1.5 month stretch where she slept though the night, now she is back to every 2-3 hours. What the heck!? I'm with Nettie- I have just decided I won't be sleeping well any time soon and to just live with that reality!

Scott said...

Love this post and the pictures and the dance movie! Alisha, you're strong enough and faithful enough to find a way to make your home life happy and successful! What a great family. We wish you were closer! We love you guys.

Tilleea said...

I am so sad I didn't check your blog sooner. I have been thinking about you and am glad your baby boy made it safely into your family. HE IS ADORABLE!! Congrats. Miss you!

Cait and Ben said...

That dance video is hilarious!! Who needs Dad at the Daddy Daughter dance? Camille looks like a little grasshopper bopping around like that. They got all excited at the line dance announcement and probably didn't even know why.

jnnut said...
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jnnut said...

OMGSH!!! i've been so busy and I haven't blogged in a while (but i'm back)Reading everyone's blog come to yours finally. Surprise surprise! A new addition for you!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Just remember, it's a little tougher when you have a bigger baby. They have to be nursed more often (every hour and a half). My one small one born at 6lbs was the easiest one b/c he didn't need to be fed every 1 1/2 hrs. With my big 8 pounders (the other 3) my boobs were sore and I felt so burnt out with them.
Anyhow congratulations!! So excited for you. Little boys are awesome. I'm being biased, aren't I?

Most of all, you look so pretty and absolutely marvelous. If only I could look as awesome as you! What's your secret?! Kudos to you!

jnnut said...

I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award today! See my blog: http://housefullofmenandme.blogspot.com

eric and monica said...

Loved this post, Alisha. Coco is so sweet and your girls are awesome. I can't believe Jill swallowed her tooth!! Nora's been asking about when she will lose a tooth lately - pretty soon I guess! Loved the "zone" reference, too... ha ha. Man, I bet three is a handful, hang in there and don't sweat the small stuff. We really gotta get together this summer.