29 March 2012

Blue Eyes

My blue eyed baby is 2 months old.
 He is cooing and smiling and finally sleeping well.
Most often he is still called Coco or Cokes. As requested the story of the nick name Coco:
While I was pregnant Jeff and I asked the girls what we should name the baby.  They agreed on Ellie. Ellie has been both the girls favorite name for some time. All of their animal and baby dolls have been named Ellie for over a year. When asked, "What if it's a boy?" both agreed on Coco. It isn't known how they came up with the name or why they assigned it to a male gender. It isn't in a cartoon or book that we know of.  Once we knew it was a boy the name Coco entered our prayers and family conversations. When he was born and given an official name we all continued to use the name Coco. We have tried several times to call him other variations of his name: JJ, JD, Junior, Jeffrey Jr., etc with little success. I introduce him as Jeffrey Jr. but our friends and most family call him Coco. I think he likes it. 

2 month stat:
13 lbs 4 oz--- 88%
24 inches--- 88%    


JRC said...

Its a cute name! We called our son that for a while too with different variations coco bean, coco puff(the name of our blog) etc, but his name is Cohen. But he is SUPER cute, just like your girls!! So fun to have a boy!

Lexie said...

He makes a cute Coco! Just stick with that :)

Lexie said...

Ps. Yes, I am a blog stalker! Not sure how I found yours though...? I think it was in an email you sent me, either way I read it. I love people who blog, I update mine like everyday so I appreciate when I have a chance to look at what other people are up to!

you can spy on me too :)


Cait and Ben said...

Hey whoa who did I miss this post? I couldn't believe how blue his eyes were. It was really cute to hear Camille says "Cokes" or "Cokesy" in her little falsetto voice.

Cait and Ben said...

When not who! There's not even an auto correct on here and I still mispell!