10 April 2012

Coco Blessing

Full house for the blessing of Coco.

The circle of Power.
Growing family. Green backyard.
Baby of the hour, Coco.
Cute little tux and shoes.
Jeff's friend from HS came bearing a gift. It's the flag that was flown over the Texas Capital building the day Coco was born with a certificate signed by the Chancellor.
Father and Son. Most handsome.
We held the blessing in our backyard due to flight delays. We were fortunate to have both our parents here, Caitlin and Wyatt, and some friends. It was very intimate and spiritual. We sang a hymn, before to invite the Spirit. I really loved this. It reaffirms my desire to have the children baptised outdoors. I am blessed by my husband and family. 


Lexie said...

that gift is AMAZING! I had no idea you could do something like that. Seriously what a cool friend. And Coco will love that when he's older. and so will you guys. special!

Cait and Ben said...

I always admired Jeff for the friend he was and how loyal he has been for so many years to his old buddies. It was great to see Rich. Your outfit turned out to be really cute, that green is striking with your hair. Glad you didn't return the shoes? Or did you? I am sad the next time I see Coco he'll be so big. It was so sweet to snuggle with a 'newer' baby and reminisce on how little Wyatt used to be. I miss you terribly so.