06 July 2012

May 2012

Jillian graduated preschool in May. She really loved her teacher Ms. Kathy (right) and the helper Ms. Sissy.  After Coco arrived she had a difficult time leaving my side but Ms. Kathy was very sensitive to Jillian's needs.  Jill is still talking about going back to visit.

It is a Methodist preschool so they prayed daily and learned many religious songs.  At the graduation Ms. Sissy pulled me aside and said something I hope will never change. She said that when Jill lead the class prayers hers were always the most spiritual and genuine with real thought and feeling, as if she is talking to God right there. I felt truly proud of my big girl with a growing testimony and the example she is at this young age, even to adults.
Here is the whole graduating class. I love Jillian's sweet singing face (almost right in the middle).
Wherever Jill is, Camille can be found. Camille is very excited to start preschool here in the fall.
Coco turned 4 months old at the end of May.
 Jeffrey Jr. has reflux and is constantly spitting up and complaining about it, poor boy.  When his belly isn't having issues he is the happiest, most easy going, people pleasing baby I've had.  He has much patience with the girls and will smile at anyone who catches his eye.
I LOVE him in this outfit.  It was Jeff's when he was a baby.  When my MIL gave it to me 8 yrs ago I about threw it in the Goodwill bag. "A boys outfit with bunnies, and I don't like collars on babies. I will never put my child in that", I thought.  Well, I've matured and repented. I'm eternally grateful I kept it. Now to find a picture of Jeff Sr. to compare... 

Here's his 4 month stats:
Head Circ: 41.5 cent  25th %
Height: 26.5 inches 95th %
Weight: 15 lbs 4 oz 50 %


Caitlin said...

That sweet Jillian face makes me miss her so much! Her cute dimple shows really well in that picture. I need to kiss on Coco soon again. Miss you guys.

Hays said...

"matured and repented" lol. so something i would do and so so so glad you kept it!!

Janae said...

Thinking of you guys and thought I'd check in. Glad to see all is well. Give Jill a thumbs up for being so sweet. That made me tear. Every Momma hopes to hear that ;) Love you guys!