14 August 2012

6 month

 Time is speeding up with each child.  Coco turned 6 months old in July.  
He still has luscious lips and crystal blue eyes.
He has found his toes and can sit up by himself for a short period of time.
His favorite place to be is outside. He can roll from belly to back, but not back to belly.
He only babbles a little and will smile at anyone.

He has been officially diagnosed with GERD. We started Nexium and he does seem to be doing better. He only spits up a few times a day and seems less uncomfortable.  Now to figure out a way to make time slow down.

6 month stats:
Head Circ:  23 cm   25%
Height:   28 inches  94%
Weight:  17 lbs 10 oz  50%

1 comment:

LaTonya said...

So crazy how fast time goes and how fast they grow! Such a sweet baby boy you guys have! I cant wait to meet him some day!