23 August 2012

July 2012

In July we made two trips to Jeff's home town San Angelo.  The first one was for speed boat races.  We stayed with one of his best friends Colin. This was the sunset at the dock of his lake front property.

We got to dance the night away to a private concert.  We all had a great weekend.
The second trip was for a memorial for a friend of his that died a few years ago, Sean Sparks. We visited with Seans' family and friends and had a good time reminiscing. This time was stayed in a hotel and the girls loved it.
Of-course we celebrated Independence Day.  The girls got fancy hair, face paint, red-white snacks, parade candy, and carnival rides.
We attended a BBQ with some new friends and hit up the towns firework show. Exhausting but fun day.

Jeff has been working very hard so any time we get to spend together as a family is cherished. We've been to many Round Rock Express games and really enjoy going on family walks to explore to local landscape.

Stanley moved in with us in June and we all really love having family near. The girls especially love when he plays with them. 

I've been learning my way around by way of splash pad locations. Poor Coco gets pretty tired of it.
The girls gym had a parents day and we got to see what they've been working on. Both of my girls really amaze me with their strength and coordination.

Austin always has something going on. We got to attend an outdoor play at an amphitheater with friends from the ward. It was The Sound of Music, and it was absolutely spectacular. This is now a family tradition.
We sure are loving this Texas summer.


Britta said...

Yay for new posts! Happy late birthday! Your girls are adorable. I was a little confused by Jill's front leg in that splash pad photo, though. I didn't know legs could bend that way!

Britta said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the star in the hair = amazing!

Natalie Kennedy said...

Love me some Taylor family pics! How adorable is the star hair do?

The girls are so cute in the gymnastics pics. I wish my boys would get into that, but it's never gonna happen.

And little 'Coco' is such a doll!

LaTonya said...

I love all the pictures! We miss you guys. How cute that the girls in gymnastics now!