17 February 2014

August 2013

As the summer started to wind down Jeff needed to get some fishing done. We spent the day at a family favorite swimming spot, Krause Springs, then went to Lake Travis to fish. We caught a fish every time we cast. I was nervous with Coco around the open dock but the girls and Jeff had a great time.

The girls finished up their basketball season and ended up really enjoying it.
We made a trip to Sandy's ranch for a weekend to spend time with Jeff's old friend Josh. We all love to be out there on the land with all the animals.
I turned 31 this year and our sweet neighbors took the kids for the afternoon so Jeff and I could go out.  I got a massage and then we headed downtown.  We went to a burger joint called Hopdoddys.  The burger, fries, milkshake, and Cesar salad was to die for.  We then went to Allens Boot Shop and Jeff bought me my first pair of real boots.  They were shooting a film downtown too so we hung-out and watched that for awhile. It was really a great day.
The girls had back-to-school night at their new school Fern Bluff. Camille has Ms. Moloo for kinder and Jill has Mrs. Shepherd for first.
They were both rather excited for the first day of school. I was pretty lonely. The school is super strict and I wasn't allowed to walk them to class.  I hate that.

The night before school started the girls got a blessing from Jeff and I gave them a Best Friends necklace. They told me after school, on the first day, they saw each other in the hall and ran together to put their necklace together. I'm so glad they have each other.
We ended the month with the UT season opener. It was packed and blazing hot but so fun.