19 February 2014

September 2013

My 20 wk ultrasound went well.  I didn't find out the sex of the baby. With all the previous babies I have found out the sex. I just wanted a new experience. Jeff didn't agree with me.  I almost didn't let him come to the appt but he search my phone and found out when it was anyway, so I let him come.  The u/s tech knew I didn't want to know so when she needed to do the measurements etc on the lower half of the baby she made me look away. After she was done Jeff asked her the sex and she still wouldn't say. She said, "if the mother says no, I don't tell". I could sense that Jeff was losing a little bit of patience so I let her tell him. He has sworn not to tease, drop hints, or tell anyone the big secret. Hopefully, he can hold out. The baby looked healthy and had all the right parts in the right places and that's what really matters. The baby was throwing up signs for all the pictures. Here's an 'I Love You', Jeff thinks it's more of a Longhorn sign.  
The girls ask me to meet them at lunch everyday.  I've been able to go a few times. Jillian has really done better this year with being away from me. I'm sure it's because she sees her sister at lunch and frequently in the halls. Camille is thriving. She is so outgoing and loves everything about school.
Coco is super attached to me and loves to crawl all over me. It's getting a little harder to handle this big boy with my growing belly.

Jeff's dad's Uncle Jess died this month. It wasn't a surprise as he's been on the downhill for quite a few years. I've meet him twice and he is really a sincerely loving man. We made the trip up to Dallas for the service and met up with Sarah's family and the TT house who all drove over from AZ. We have sorely missed having our cousins around! 
The service was wonderful and I learned a lot about Uncle Jess. It made me ponder once again (done after Grandpa Pete's funeral) the legacy I'm leaving. I want to be remembered for my love and devotion to my family mostly. I want my friends to recall happy, funny times we've had and I really want to be remembered as a kind person.
I hit my 6 month mark at the end of the month. I've continued to workout 4-5 times a week and am feeling overall pretty good. My tailbone is the biggest problem. It hurts non-stop. I ice it frequently and on bad days have to take tylenol. I have found that it hurts whether or not I exercise so I figure it's better to do it than not. I feel about the same size as my other pregnancies but my weight is higher. Here's me and Jeff trying to be artistic with my belly shots.

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