15 March 2014

December 2013

At the beginning of the month Camille had a school music program. She was by far the very cutest.
She's having a lot of fun in kindergarten and this was the cherry on top.
The kids were extremely thrilled for the Christmas decor to go up. We've had this artificial tree from our very first Christmas as a married couple. Camille had a mishap with the tree and broke it. I wasn't disappointed as I've always wanted to get a real tree. Jeff came home and glued some extra pieces here and there...after a while the tree was up.  Maybe I'll get my new tree next year.
I took the kids to several Christmas events. One was at the First Methodist Church. This is the same place Jill went to preschool. It is a gorgeous old church. They were putting on a "Walk through Bethlehem". It was so cool. We signed the scrolls with a feather ink pen when we entered. Everyone was dressed up and in character. We got a bag of coins that we had to pay at each station to participate. There was carpentry, leather pressing, bread making, poetry, etc etc. Of-course, if we followed the star we found Baby Jesus. This is an albino camel that was part of it. So cool.
It's been a really cold winter. Someone forgot to turn off their sprinklers and all the plants looked like this. The girls loved it.
 Jeff took the girls to a couple hockey games this season. He really loves the venue and going to the games.

We saw Santa at the beginning of the month at the Round Rock Christmas tree lighting and then again at the ward Christmas party. The second time around Jill was disenchanted and didn't go see him (I was super sad about that, she's only 7!!). Camille was all about it, and Coco was interested but mostly kept his distance.
The YMCA put on a huge Christmas party too. They brought in snow and had several hills the kids got to sled down. It was soooooo fun. I really miss having real snow.
Here's the baby bump with less than 4 wks to go.

I've been taking piano lesson since January and we had a recital. I played Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. I'm really pleased with my progress, especially because I can now play several hymns. I'm not going to continue lesson because the new baby. Hopefully, I can keep learning though.

Here's my three at Brushy Creek. Can't believe that number four is so close.
Jeff and I went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. It was hilarious to see what people wore. I wasn't too creative with my clothing but I made up for it with my veggie tray.

I didn't get around to scheduling family pictures or sending out a Christmas card this year. I had our home teachers snap a few pictures after church one day and sent it out via email. Hopefully I can get it together next year.

This year on Christmas Eve we read and acted out the Christmas story. It was a lot of fun with the kids, and Stan got to join in too. I'm hoping to make this a tradition.
They kids also got to open their Christmas pjs. Here they are Christmas morning.  Camille was the first awake and looked through everyone's stocking.

Everyone seemed happy with their loot. Jeff got a remote control helicopter, Jillian got a large stuffed dragon, Camille got a music/jewelry box, and Coco got a lot of cars.

By far the best gift we all got was a hand-me-down trampoline. I even got up there and jumped a little with my big ol' belly.

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