04 March 2014

November 2013

We've been trying to explore our surroundings a little more as a family. We've found several cool, little parks with trails connected each one and river's running through them.  Coco never ceases to throw about a million rocks into the water each time.  His mannerisms when he's happy or excited are so hilarious and exactly like Amy's were when she was younger.  Jeff and I call it the mini-grand mal because he shakes and dances and makes some crazy faces.  Its awesome.  
In an effort to get Camille more excited about soccer, I offered one dollar for every goal.  It really fired Jill up more than anything.  here's a sweet action shot of Jill.  Jill ended the season with four and Camille (kinda) got one (she kicked it and it bounced off an opponent into the goal).
I took the kids to a Fall Festival.  The best part was the pony ride.
The girls have been wanting bangs so I finally gave in, hoping it would make them look younger. Didn't work so well.
In class Camille make a cute Turkey hat. When she came home she told Jill to chase her. She named the game Kill the Turkey.  Seriously, these two are the best together...I love having breaks from school so they can reunite.
Jeff's hair is the longest it's ever been. It's really grown on me (no pun intended).
Jill had her first field trip this year to the museum in Georgetown. She said it was really boring. I laughed out loud when she said it. Coco and I got to meet her at the park for lunch. Coco really loves being around the girls.
The belly keeps growning and I often become overwhelmed with gratitude that I am able to experience a healthy pregnancy again. This body of mine amazes me. Jeff would say I complain A LOT to him at night but I really feel so happy.
I didn't get any good pictures on Thanksgiving. It was super low key. We had Stan over and we ate the usual dinner. Jeff played in the ward turkey bowl and was sore for days after.  Each year it seems to get worse. Oh boy are we getting old! I am, above all else, thankful for my Father and my family.

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