28 October 2006

a look at Jillians first week

a little smile because she knows how cute she is in her ducky robe after her bath.
i know it looks cruel, but she needs "tummy-time". everyday she's able to hold her head up a little longer. you may be thinking "what long arms". i would answer yes indeed. yet another piece of her father. jeff is 5'10 with the arms of a 6'1 guy. all the better to . . . reach with :)
mommy's favorite way to snuggle with Jillian. thankful she's a cuddler like me!!! jeff's cuddling is sometimes few and far between.
Jillians comfort position. right hand to the face, how sweet.
beautiful eyes. she looks around all the time. i think about what she can remember if anything from before and what she's thinking about as she takes in her surroundings.


scotty said...

The second to last picture is just like fashionista pose! She takes after you, Alisha!

the wrights said...

I love the new pictures. Since I have only seen her eyes open for a few seconds at a time. I love them. She is sooooo cute. She looks so comfy perched up on your chest.

Kristen said...

OH Alisha, she is so dang cute! And I love that she is chubby!!! Chubby babies are always the cutest. You know, Sam cuddles, too. It's called sleeping ;)

Anonymous said...

I am a disgrace to the world of aunts since I haven't seen Jillian since the day of her birth! Forgive me!...this is caitlin in case you couldn't figure that out

Jake and Traci said...

i love looking at you as a mommy!! we are so happy for you and we can't wait to see you. love you tons!