31 October 2006

Halloween week

Jillian loves to be held by jeff under running water while i wash her off. we thought we could try something new last night. obvisously not a good idea. we quickly resorted back to the tag-team bath and she calmed right down.
one of our favorite past times, staring at the baby. she always wins the staring contests with me b/c i tend to get a little teary eyed and have to blink it off. i have a little too much of mom and dad in me i guess.
it's been great to have mom here the past week! yesterday jillian got to hangout outside with the g-ma's while we beautified the backyard. it's so wonderful to be surrounded by so much love!!
i spiked Jillian's hair for a Halloween party. she's saying "boo!!" if you can't tell.
jeff thinks i'm cruel for making her wear this for Halloween. i think she was cute (thanks sarah w. :)


Sarah Peterson said...

if only Olivia had hair to spike! She's so adorable... Just wait until Jillian starts smiling- the tears come more frequently (you just can't help it when they're just so precious)

Taylor Tree said...

oh no!! i thought the baby blues got better with time. i guess tears aren't bad if they're happy tears though.

the wrights said...

I love the pic of Jillian staring at Jeff. I just wonder what that little brain is thinking. If Jeff thinks wearing that little halloween outfit is "cruel" he should re-evaluate giving her baths. She looks way happier in that little outfit than she does taking a bath. Ha ha.

Jake and Traci said...

Alisha, that outfit for Halloween is better than what I did to Jessalyn last year. I had to dress her up like a pumpkin! Now that was cruel.

Victor and Kathy Karcich said...

ahhhh, she is so cute! Good job you two.