26 October 2006

She's home 10/22/06
oh wow!! look at that cute nose, and those lips!!! i'm speechless.
minutes after the birth. . .okay, so may-be an hour after
4:00 am 10/20/06. A stop by the ER to see some friends from work before we checked in at the materity floor.
Daddy-daughter time.


the wrights said...

She is the most beautiful baby!!! I think she is as perfect as you do. You know, not all newborn babies come out looking so perfect. I have to say mine were dang cute and so is Jillian. I can't wait to see her change and what she will look like when she is opening her eyes more. Have lots of fun being a stay at home mommy.

Nettie said...

What an adorable baby! She has lots of dark hair--so cute!

MORE picture...PLEASE!

scotty said...

She looks a little bit like a dark-headed Rachel . . . is the lips and the cheeks, I think.

Kristen said...

Way to pop that baby out! All I have to say is I WISH!!!!

She is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more of her!