20 April 2007

6 months today

Jills milestones meet this week:
- found feet and seems to like the way they taste
- rolling from back to belly
- copying the "hee" sound of hello after we say it
- 6 months old today


Karen K. said...

I love the baby turban look! It's a good thing that only babies (usually) can reach their feet to nibble on...it's cute then. Not such a pretty thought after they learn to walk! Yick.

the wrights said...

She makes me want to suck on the feet too. I bet they taste delicious! I can't wait to play on Tuesday, fun, fun!!!

nettie said...

ugh...I can't believe these babies are getting so old! She's adorable!

Sarah P. said...

she's so cute! That's what Olvia was doing every day for awhile- licking her toes! Maybe it's because we all love to kiss babies feet so they catch on and do it too ;)

Anonymous said...