03 April 2007

last weekend

last week jeff was working at the Pinal County fair. jill and i got to go on friday and enjoy the animals!! i loved these sweet little goats. what's their names again? i also watched the showing of pigs. i'm not sure how i'd feel if i raised a beautiful animal and then turned around and sold it for bacon. don't get me wrong. i eat all the meat i can, however i can only imagine that these animals become part of the family. anyway, i loved to see all the kids run around wearing green (4H) and taking care of their animals. eventally i want to be a cow/farm girl. i know that jill would love to run around the compound with all the goats, sheep, pigs, cows and riding the horses.

on another topic. i LOVE conference weekend. firstly, it reminds me of being younger and going on vacation to utah. secondly, i love listening to all the talks. finally, i love Pres. Hinckley!!! i feel like those older people who always talk about Pres Kimball. i know i'll always talk about Pres. Hinckley.
These were some of my favorite thoughts/talks from this weekend. . . Elder Holland: "no misfortune is so bad that whining will make it better". "speak with a new tongue. the tongue of angels". Pres. Faust: "We must forgive, even if the other has not repented". "hate retards spiritual growth". Elder Oaks: "festering in destructive". "3 parties: me, spouse, the Lord". Elder Eyring: "SOMEDAY" "do not be complacent by what we have already done". "please, let me serve this day". Elder Dahlquist: "who's on the Lords side who?" "1) never forget who you are 2) learn to control your thoughts".


Sarah Peterson said...

I liked conference too- the talk we're fun and easier to listen to this time! So you wanna be a farmer? That's funny- I think that's the last thing I'd like to do! But it would be fun for kids!

Karen K. said...

What do you mean those OLD people who talk about President Kimball? ;)

Conference was wonderful. Although our leaders are definitely in their latter years (OLD?) they do not lack in their abilities to prepare talks and to eloquently speak with both wisdom and humor. That in itself is a testimony to me of the truthfulness of the gospel.

Nathan said...


Jill is a cutey. She is always taking after her momma. She is starting to dance early. :) Can you find me a woman like you that I can marry?