25 April 2007

6 month photo shoot

heres jills stats:
Length: 25.5 in 39th %tile
Head: 16.5 in 33rd %tile
Weight: 13.5 lbs 5.6 th %tile
I'm feeding her and she's eats a lot i promise!!! look how happy she is! i promise she's not hungry.


Sarah Peterson said...

she's looking a lot older all of a sudden! I love the last picture! SOO cute! It sounds like she's just small all around! (I bet she eats more than Livie who spits half of what we give her out!)

Valerie said...

She is just ADORABLE!!! You can see some of her personality in the pix...cute, cute cute! I can't wait to meet her! Kids come in all shapes and sizes...I wouldn't worry about her size.

nettie said...

glad you threw in that .6%, otherwise I'd really be worried! You're lucky you only have to lug around a 13 lb baby.

Victor and Kathy Karcich said...

She is so cute, and just makes me smile. She needs to be a Gerber baby model. Have you considered this? Ahhh, maybe we are just prejudice because she's in our family. So cute, keep those pictures coming.

P.S. How's that hot Arizona heat coming along down there?

and baby makes three said...

ahhh! we can't wait to squeeze her! see you tomorrow!