21 May 2010

birthday love

my baby girl is two today.
one favorite thing of mine that she does is
when she hasn't seen me for longer than a couple minutes
and then she finds me she always says,
"mom, i sought i yaost you!" (i.e. "mom, i thought i lost you!")
she's been potty trained since 19 months old
she loves babies and dogs but cries when others cry or dogs bark loudly
she has always been incredibly sensitive
can't imagine life with out our girl #2
happy birthday my sweet camille


Caitlin said...

I'm sorry I missed it. She is so precious. Looks just like her Mama. I remember around this time 6 years ago... we partied hard for graduation and a marriage. Fun times!

Scott said...

Happy birthday, Camille~
What a sweet sweet girl!

Britta said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, she's already two! Thanks for the post

eric and monica said...

happy birthday camille!