01 May 2010

holiday happenings (part 3)

as a child at home christmas was the cat's meow
as a young adult the meow had changed
no more excitment, just happiness to be surrounded by family
as a childless couple the meow changed again
for us, it was a time of prosperity that we had to gift eachother well
now, wtih kiddos around, the meow is back and better than ever 

the girls loved wearing a special dress and getting curls

jillian loved watching the grinch and still talks about him.
camille enjoying playing with the wooden nativity while we told the
story of baby jesus

mostly though, christmas 2009 was special because of two little
faces that we live for.
(not that you can see those faces in the following picture.)


hays said...


i miss you. let's be friends again.

Natalie said...

Man, those little girls are beautiful. Wanna trade? ;)

(I especially love that jammie picture.)

eric and monica said...

right back at cha, alisha. love those girls- wish my daughter would be best friends with your daughter.

Valerie said...

So cute. I love the sandals at Christmas...and the adorable matching pajamas! Sweet, sweet girls!