26 July 2010

in other news

we had a low-key 4th of july this year.
jeff was working in Prescott so me and girls
joined the Taylors for a nice sunday BBQ and some
fun with the wii.

on the drive home we stopped in the parking lot to
watch a few fireworks.

in other news:
the girls have started dance lessons together.
i love watching them and they really do enjoy it.

and, since jeff has been reaping the rewards of
hard work in his new business, i put my two weeks in at
mercy gilbert hospital.

i continue my employment with the other hospital i've been with
for over 5 years now as supplemental income if needed.
i'm listed as 'registry' so i have no guaranteed hours.
pretty much on-call, but only if i want to work.
sweet gig huh?
SAHM here i come.


hays said...


love low-key.
love dance.
love SAHM.

love that we can hang out more now - especially when you move.

Corttney said...

I think you are so AWSOME ! you have a magnetic personality...