22 July 2010


i had not been to my home town in over 5 years.

i needed to see the home i grew-up in.
jeff made sure i really got to see it.
he ran up to the door, knocked, and then promptly ran back
to the car and left jill and i on the front steps.

the intruders...i mean new owners were nice enough
to let me walk through.
i left in tears knowing i may never be back and grateful
that the place i love is being taken care of by a family
that loves it as much as i do.
the mother said that right when her family moved in the
home had a great aura and feeling of love.
she also said that she and husband love it so much that
this will be there their last home.

we got to go to lake lahontan with my bff's family.
the girls weren't timid at all with the brown/green water.

hayley's brother brought out his boat and the girls loved that too.

when we busted out the wakeboard, jill and camille were
glued to the back of the boat watching all the action.


their dad looked pretty hot throwing all his sweet tricks.

i even landing my first jump ever.

while hayley showed me up with jump after jump.

hopefully soon we'll have a boat of our own...

later in the week, we went to my college town.

and spent the day with my brother's family

i wished we lived closer together.

my trip to NoNv was made complete by one. last. stop.

lake tahoe!
easily in the top three favorite places ever for me.
i think the girls agree with me.

the beauty of the place surpasses the pain felt by the
frigid temps of the water.
i chased schools of fish around as i snorkeled in the crystal clear water.
jeff admired the wildlife we miss living in se arizona.

"there is a place that i love the best,
fairer than all i can see.
out in the heart of the golden west,
home means Nevada to me."



hays said...

alisha - you knoe i love you girl, but you have it all wrong.

"there is a place that i love the best. fairer than all i can see. out in the heart of the golden west...home means nevada to me.?

the wife said...


jnnut said...

Hey there! Kristen's SIL here! you are truly an amazing mother & wife to your family. it's no wonder your girls are brave, beauitiful and full of wonderful character & qualities! It's all because of you. They are both mini-versions of you. I know your hubs is all a part of who they are too but they're so like you! i Love it!

nettie said...

so fun. was it weird to see someone elses furniture in your house??

camille's hair is so long adn thick. and cute1