27 July 2010

Taylor Cabin Retreat

there we all are (minus one. jared.)
Jeff's family planned a wonderful long weekend
vacation up at the cabin.

caitlin moved back into town just in time
to complete the fab five sibs.
and if you know me, i'll jump at any
opportunity to get into the mountains.
especially to the cabin with family.

my girls are incredibly lucky to have such great older
cousins to look up to and learn from.
the cousins went on a many hikes
mostly lead by the self-titled "nature-girl" sadee.
and really enjoyed eating otter pops.

our days were filled with crafts,
games with guns,
which, coincidentally i'm pretty good at shooting a
gun at three different targets after sprinting 20 ft
under a 15 sec limit. who woulda' thought?
here's proof:
one of my bulls-eyes'.
and the winners pose:
games with the wii,
birthday games for emma and sadee,

and of-course, a trip to fossil creek.

we can't go to fossil creek without cliff jumping.
even jill couldn't resist.

the evenings were the best though.
we all gathered together for a little goofing around.

and then ended the day singing camp songs and
learned more about our heritage from mom and dad taylor.
great memories made.


Britta said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun. Those photos of the girls on fossil creek are perfect!

Cait and Ben said...

aww why do i get choked up looking at these pictures? is it because you beat me to the blog? ok we'll go with that. good times!

Valerie said...

Alisha, you're adorable! Looks like a fun time. Your girls are growing up!

Poppa and Grandma Netty said...

what a blast remembering all that we crammed into those few days at the cabin. But...where is photoshop when you want it? My pride is taking a whollop with that family picture!!!! Well, it is what it is and I love the fact that we even got a family picture more than I love my vanity (or do I?)
I must get some of your pics off your card...they are great