26 August 2010


i thought, since this is going to be the best year yet, i wanted to kick it off right.
recently, i've had a goal to experience new things especially pertaining to arizona.
so, jeff and i took some good friends out to a new-to-us mexican joint.


after dinner we dared mill ave for a dueling piano bar.
this dude called me up to stage where jeff joined me and we boogied to the hokey-pokey. all of our requested got played and the musicians were great.

no birthday is complete without a birthday song by the little ones.


nettie said...

happy birthday!!!

hays said...

can my neck get any longer??? freak!

happy birthday friend! xoxo.

Sarah Peterson said...

cute pics. I'm glad you had so much fun! BTW-Where is Jeff's clothes!? haha. I guess no birthday is complete without someone in a birthday suit ;) J/K!

Britta said...

LOL, Sarah!

Happy late birthday, Alisha!