12 August 2010

my dad turned 60

all the sibs got together with most of the families to
surprise dad for a fun filled weekend.

on friday we had a wonderful dinner and fun with cousins.
(warning: you may get motion sickness)

summer utah 2010 from Alisha on Vimeo

on saturday we presented dad with a book of memories.
we then preceded to make more memories as we spent
the day at Deer Creek.
(yep, that's dad and mom on a jet ski)
we also rented a couple kayaks for our paddling pleasure.
the party was a success.
love you dad.
happy birthday.

(on a side note: i've always thought these two were twiners.
my thoughts are unchanged)


Liz said...

My granny told us that she met you on the airplane and said that your girls did SO GOOD on the plane. Sometimes I think how crazy and small the world can be. And yes, my grandpa is a very handsome man.

Britta said...

Calvin is like 8 months older than Camille, but Camille is bigger! Crazy. They sure were cute together. Great photos. I especially like the one with the girls holding the paddle.