01 October 2010


i don't cook much. therefore, we don't have many leftovers.
however, i do have a lot of leftover pictures from the summer.
enjoy this little feast of leftover pictures.
temple square 2010

fun with cousin olivia

i found camille under the car with my cat TJ
"i save PJ. she's stuck"-camille

jillian and nora at a tea party in logan ut

jill's favorite dog ever, lily.


Britta said...

The picture of Camille under the car freaked me out. The reflection makes it look like the lights are on! I LOVE the picture of Jill and Olivia. You are as gorgeous as ever in that first pic.

I'll take a serving of your leftovers any day!

eric and monica said...

we loved you and your girls this summer!! was that baby camille's owie when she biffed it on the asphalt after dinner in logan? poor baby... xoxo and miss you too.