20 May 2012

April Events

April was jump started with a community Easter Party.
Coco continues to grow rapidly and loves to get attention from older sisters.
The Easter bunny came and the favorite gift was Cheetos.
An emphasis was place on the Resurrection all month but I was missing attending the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant.
The weather was wonderful and we spent hours outside.
Jeff climbed to death-defying heights to install a new backyard swing.
I happened upon this little scene:
Overheard this:
Jill: "Hold on Mary, we're almost to Bethlehem."
When asked what they were doing: "We're playing Mary and Joseph and Jesus".

Camille decided it was time to get her ears pierced. She independently picked earrings to match Jillians.  Only a few tears were shed.

We've been having fun getting out and attending community gatherings.

This little dude, may look lazy, but he started rolling from belly to back.

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Caitlin said...

I love Coco's little froggy legs! I'm happy you are finding fun things to do in the community. That swing makes me get a little tickle in my stomach but your dare devil girls loved it!