13 May 2012

Mother's Day 2012

It's Mother's Day 2012. I wanted a picture of me and my chillins. Taken by self, with my new phone (gift from Jeff). I tried. I tried a lot of times. Not one picture was satisfactory. These four were the least crazy. I actually really love them. Jeffrey Junior has the prettiest lips, is very expressive with his brows,  and he's very ticklish (top left). Camille has been very concerned about her smiles lately.  I'll catch her starring at herself in the mirror practicing smiling. Reminds me of myself and makes me worried.  Jillian has had quite an attitude of independence at times and super shyness/clinging other times. I'm trying to be patient with this hoping it's a phase. As for myself...looking at these pictures I don't recognise the face starring back.  I have dark circles under my eyes with crows feet forming on the edges. My nose is larger than I remember and I can't tone down the crazy face/smile.  My eyebrows frequently go un-groomed and I'm in desperate need of a hair trim. I'm coming up on thirty and I LOVE where I'm at.  I gave a talk at church today on Motherhood. In preparing for the talk, I have been able to reflect on my current life situation and role as a mother for the past two weeks. All of these things, bushy eyebrows, crows feet, etc. are because of my role as a mother. I'm less concerned about myself and most concerned for my children and family. And it brings me JOY. I'm grateful for the woman I've changed into over the past 5 years...even if her blemishes are more than I recognise.  
Capturing the Joy in Life


Hays said...

curse you for making me cry so early in the day!

love you alisha!!

30 is good.

Caitlin said...

Thanks for the reminders sista. You are a good example to me.