21 May 2012

My Camille

My sweet Camille is 4 today.
She is the sensitive one.
She is often the center of attention, always looking for the laugh.
She's a healthy eater, not too picky. She dubbed herself "The Chomper" when we last ate corn.
She craves attention from her brother and often askes to hold him.  When he cries, she's the first to try and sooth him. If he goes un-soothed for too long she'll cry right next to him.  While I nurse him she's always concerned that he's choking and then she can't wait to burp him when done. I see glimpes of the mother she will be in the future and I love it. 

She loves to dance and dress-up, but most of all LOVES to be with her sister.  Where Jill is, Camille will be also. She will do anything for Jillian, and do anything Jillian says. She's my most forgiving and selfless one.  She is always sharing her toys, and candy, and giving of herself. She frequently spreads her love with the sweetest kisses and tightest hugs.
Camille is a very special little sweet spirit. Her voice is high and quiet, but her presence in this family is paramount. I love my brown eyed baby girl, Camille.


Poppa and Grandma Netty said...

Wow...beautiful and lovely girl. She is growing up so fast!
Thx for the post ....it makes me feel close to you guys!
Love g ma jetty

Caitlin said...

What a sweet post about little Camille. She is so tender and I have accidentally hurt those feelings once and will never forget it. She will be a great friend to others just like her momma. The last picture will be great to see when they get older. We miss you guys.

Hays said...

love this post aly.

miss that sweet little cam.